Bittersweet Heritage Farm                                                                                                                                                        
       Dedicated to the preservation of a farming heritage 
        through best farming practices, conservation and 
                 common sense animal husbandry
A Maine State Certified Dairy -Registered Saanen Goats  207 629 7002 mailto:info@bittersweetheritagefarm.comshapeimage_1_link_0
Bittersweet Heritage Farm is located on the picturesque St. George peninsula in the Mid-Coast area of Maine   just beyond Tenants Harbor and 1 mile from the village of Port Clyde. Boats to Monhegan Island leave Port Clyde daily. The small village is teeming with activity as the lobstermen and fishermen deliver their catches. Port Clyde is home to the Midcoast Fishermen’s Cooperative and the Port Clyde fleet, the last remaining small fishing fleet on the Maine coast north of Portland, Maine to Canada.
You’re invited to stop by and visit on your journey as you explore the St. George peninsula. Bittersweet offers fresh cheeses, fresh goat’s milk, pasture raised eggs, soaps made with creamy goats milk and wool from the Romney-cross flock.
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Bittersweet is being developed as a small sustainable farmstead with a focus on utilizing and conserving the 19 acres in the most environmentally sensitive ways possible. All avenues for conservation are being explored as well as improvements to the property including green designs for buildings, water conservation and energy usage. 
Bittersweet supports efforts to protect rare and heritage breeds of farm animals. Our registered herd of purebred Saanen goats and sheep come from long lines of Maine grown healthy stock. We consider continuing to carry on these lines to be an important part of preserving our local historical heritage. 

Bittersweet also supports all efforts to keep Maine farms alive and growing. In addition, the farm works to develop partnerships and encourages teaching best farming practices and the humane treatment of animals, while working to develop more ways to connect people to local foods.